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I’m excited to present a mix comparison for a song I recently mixed and also added some production touches to as well. I want to highlight in this upload one of the most fundamentally improved parts of the song.

How We Met

Jeremy and I met at a songwriter feedback meet up where I heard him play his song. Immediately I loved the tone and message of the song but also heard room for improvement. I approached him offering my help to work on the song and the rest is history.

My Contribution

In this song I tried to add a lot more warmth, by adding low end in the music, drums and the vocals. Additionally, I helped with the overall production by finding spots to bring the drums in and out to draw the listener in. As well, I composed the bass line for the song.

Full Song

Audio Comparisons

The following is simply the audio comparison of the two on both SoundCloud or YouTube (both for your convenience).

New Year, Same Me | Ep 8

Posted by on 05.01.2017 in Video

It’s 2017 and with a new year, everyone is always talking about how they will revolutionize themselves. This year, I’m sticking to my guns. Getting the year started off right with consistency in my workouts and planning on increasing the amount of work I do in music.


This is a clip of me trying to play chords for a song, it’s a decent attempt considering I don’t have any proper musical training. Enjoy!