My goal has always been

to create music that sounds as good as Dr. Dre.

Building a song from bottom up


My goal is to build sound around you. I don’t make beats, I make records.


I’ll breathe new life into your track by giving it a polished sound.

Production Work

I am diverse in my sound selection, but what makes my sound is how I bring them together.


After producing your track I’ll mix it getting it ready for your project.

Sample Mixes

Too much of a good thing

It’s very clear in the reference that everything was pushed to the max and was distorting. The challenge and goal in this mix were to keep the energy, but bringing a new found clarity that let new instruments shine.

No thin voices here

This project was focused on mixing vocals to already mixed instrumental. I felt that Ben’s voice was thin in the reference mix and I made it my goal to bring out the warmth in his voice.

Clarity in the choas

This was a very busy beat to mix, a lot of instruments coming right down the center. The goal with this track was finding a place for everything and using width to make it interesting. Automation and panning were vital in this mix.

Do you like what you're hearing?

Let’s make your best music


Favourite piece of gear?

My Apollo Twin Mkii has been just everything I wanted it to be and more. It’s amazing for tracking and the plugins are perfect for any mix.

Whats your DAW of choice?

Do all my recording and mixing with Logic Pro X, simply love the workflow, sound library and smart features.

favourite mixing plugins?

Everything that I got from Universal Audio, which can only be seconded by SoundToys.

What's your Vocal chain?

Record through the Neve Preamp into the Legacy LA-2A all from Universal Audio.