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I’m excited to present a mix comparison for a song I recently mixed and also added some production touches to as well. I want to highlight in this upload one of the most fundamentally improved parts of the song.

How We Met

Jeremy and I met at a songwriter feedback meet up where I heard him play his song. Immediately I loved the tone and message of the song but also heard room for improvement. I approached him offering my help to work on the song and the rest is history.

My Contribution

In this song I tried to add a lot more warmth, by adding low end in the music, drums and the vocals. Additionally, I helped with the overall production by finding spots to bring the drums in and out to draw the listener in. As well, I composed the bass line for the song.

Full Song

Audio Comparisons

The following is simply the audio comparison of the two on both SoundCloud or YouTube (both for your convenience).

I’ve been working on a solo project and wanted to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. In this vlog I’m discussing how I went about creating a song from scratch in reverse of my normal process and how I found that beneficial.

Check out Splice here.

Make Music … Anywhere

Posted by on 15.06.2017 in Video

Don’t let your circumstances, time constraints, location stop you from making music. Beat on a table and record it on a flip phone if you have to. Make music … anywhere.

The majority of these beats were made with the Auxy app (http://auxy.co) on an iPhone 6s and then finished off in Logic Pro X.

Recently I’ve been using this new iPhone app for music production called Auxy. It’s a really awesome app that really enabled you to jot down your ideas on the go. My favourite feature is that it allows you to customize the sound of the instructions, so you don’t just have a bunch of stock sounds.

Check out Auxy here: http://auxy.co

Decided to challenge myself to create a beat with a cup full of coins and other items I grabbed or thought to use. This was a really fun experience and I plan to do it again soon. It’s been a very long time since I used live instrumentation to create a beat. I found this an exciting and surprisingly quick way to create a beat.

Recently I’ve been working with a free, easy to use compressor from Klanghelm called MJUCjr (no idea how to pronounce it). It’s a great plugin I think you should have in your arsenal. It has a warm sound and goes from a transparent to more heavily compressed sound. Other than it’s nice looks, one thing I found significant is how simple it is to use. There are only 3 settings, how Compress, Make-Up (gain), and Time Constants (predefined attack and release).

How it essentially works is that you turn up the Compress knob until it starts to well, compress the signal. Depending on the Time Constants, it will start compressing at a different threshold set by your Compress knob. Once you find the right combination of Compress + Time Constants, you then turn up your Make-Up gain to match the amount compressed shown in the VU meter.

I think this is a nice plugin, especially for those in their beginning stages of mixing because it has less settings to focus on; making it an easier way to learn compression. I find it works best for 3-5 db gain reduction as I found it starts to pump heavy after that point. However, I’ve only used it for vocals and melodic instruments (I haven’t tried it on drums yet).

Give it a try and let me know what you think with a comment below.

Download Here

After a year of producing, recording and personal projects I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot as a mixing engineer. In this time I’ve found many good free plugins I’ve come to rely on. I’ve put together this top 10 free VST plugins list that will help give everything you would need to complete a solid mix.

Below are links to each of the plugins to download:

I’m back to YouTube coming first with this new vlog. I’ve been consistently working on new music without sharing too much, but I felt it was time to return to YouTube. There’s also a lot of new music has come out recently that has me inspired and so I felt like sharing.

You can checkout my friend Tactix on YouTube at his channel here.

Here’s some links to Spotify of the projects I’m referring to so you can listen for yourself.

Record Rap Vocals at Home

Posted by on 25.02.2017 in Video

At a family wedding in Jamaica just over a year ago, Inspired to get back into music and finally build the home studio I've always wanted. From then on I spent the entire year learning and honing my craft, everything from production, home recording and mixing.

I mostly record rap vocals in my home studio, which I prefer to have a dry clean sound. Of course it's a well-known fact that apartments are the best place in the world for recording vocals (more like the worst). So I thought I'd share with you what I've learned and how I've setup my space. Using moving some moving blankets and good positioning I've been able to cut down on unwanted room acoustics.

Here's a song I recently recorded at home to give you a sense of the quality I'm getting.

What gear am I using for vocal recording?

So in this video you will see a breakdown of my apartment, where and what I use to record vocals and a few vocal demos of different locations in my apartment to see why I chose the spot I record in.

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