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$5 Dollar Rap Show

Posted by on 20.02.2017 in Social

This weekend I attended the $5 Dollar Rap Show in Kensington Market and let me say, what an amazing event. There was a great line up with several local talented artists including Mikerophone, More or Less, BirdsofPrey with the headliners being PremRock & Fresh Kils. If you have never seen these guys live before, I highly recommend it.

Here’s a clip of Fresh Kils rocking the MPC live with a live sax player!

Creating a Hi-Hat Loop

Posted by on 16.02.2017 in Social

Working on a little hi-hat loop tonight, my goal was to try to get a more realistic sound. I want to create my own loops that sound like live recordings. With the little bit of processing I added, I think it’s come a long way. Figured I should share this knowledge as I was learning the technique from this article while doing.

This is a clip of me trying to play chords for a song, it’s a decent attempt considering I don’t have any proper musical training. Enjoy!