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New Merch Alert!

Posted by on 29.11.2017 in Shop

I’m excited to announce my first piece of merchandise available for the holiday season. The phrase “Gotta Talk to Five Twos Just to Get a Dime” is pulled right from the first skit off my recently release project (Why I Love You). It comes in male and female shirts, long sleeve and a hoodie.

Pick one up for a friend and yourself before they run out.

If you haven’t heard the skit, listen right here:

Why I Love You | Front

I'm so excited to announce my new concept EP. I've been working on this for the last four months to craft this project. My goal was to create something that not only would showcase my skills as a producer, but also as an artist and mix engineer. This has truly been a labour of love, something I've crafted to not only be fun but also have an underlying and relatable message.

Why I Love You is a concept EP that tells a fictional story that parallel's major events I experienced when transitioning from casual relationships into a serious one.

Well, that's enough talk, enjoy my new project let me know what you think.

Album Artwork

Why I Love You | Front

Front Cover

Why I Love You | Back

Back Cover

I’m excited to present a mix comparison for a song I recently mixed and also added some production touches to as well. I want to highlight in this upload one of the most fundamentally improved parts of the song.

How We Met

Jeremy and I met at a songwriter feedback meet up where I heard him play his song. Immediately I loved the tone and message of the song but also heard room for improvement. I approached him offering my help to work on the song and the rest is history.

My Contribution

In this song I tried to add a lot more warmth, by adding low end in the music, drums and the vocals. Additionally, I helped with the overall production by finding spots to bring the drums in and out to draw the listener in. As well, I composed the bass line for the song.

Full Song

Audio Comparisons

The following is simply the audio comparison of the two on both SoundCloud or YouTube (both for your convenience).

I’ve been working on a solo project and wanted to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. In this vlog I’m discussing how I went about creating a song from scratch in reverse of my normal process and how I found that beneficial.

Check out Splice here.

Make Music … Anywhere

Posted by on 15.06.2017 in Video

Don’t let your circumstances, time constraints, location stop you from making music. Beat on a table and record it on a flip phone if you have to. Make music … anywhere.

The majority of these beats were made with the Auxy app (http://auxy.co) on an iPhone 6s and then finished off in Logic Pro X.

Recently I’ve been using this new iPhone app for music production called Auxy. It’s a really awesome app that really enabled you to jot down your ideas on the go. My favourite feature is that it allows you to customize the sound of the instructions, so you don’t just have a bunch of stock sounds.

Check out Auxy here: http://auxy.co

Decided to challenge myself to create a beat with a cup full of coins and other items I grabbed or thought to use. This was a really fun experience and I plan to do it again soon. It’s been a very long time since I used live instrumentation to create a beat. I found this an exciting and surprisingly quick way to create a beat.